Selecting the charity path you can collect money for one of three charity foundations.

KOPD The Committee for Protection of Children’s Rights [Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka] is a nationwide non-profit organization. We have helped children and their families for 35 years. This is a long period but there is still so much to do in the matter of complex help for children and their families! We support parents in wise parenting, we diagnose and treat abused children, advise on legal matters, help in crisis situations, take part in mediations. We cooperate with institutions, local governments; organize educational projects, social campaigns. We want to work even more effectively, therefore, we ask you to support our efforts.
SPARTANIE urely, you can see us on many running events. This is us – Spartans for Children [foundation “Spartanie Dzieciom”]. We run in the costumes of ancient warriors with spears and shields in our hands and helmets on our heads, trying to draw attention to the problems of disabled children and their families. We have already organized several dozens of charity actions. Time for another. Together with you, we want to raise money for rehabilitation of runners’ disabled children. The cost of one rehabilitation stay for one child is 1,800 PLN. The more we collect, the more children will take advantage of it. Help people who love running just like you!
SYNAPSIS There is no cure for autism. However, there is SYNAPSIS Foundation, which for 25 years has been changing the world for people with autism. Help us to be faster than autism in children: collect money for diagnosis and therapy. This will support autistic children in achieving their own world record – ability to live independently. Hurry up! Be faster than autism!