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Last year a total of 700 teams, mostly from companies, participated in the Marathon Relay Race. The initiative to take part in the event often came from employees, who derive true satisfaction from running. However, it is also of value for employers to be active in this field. Team competition is one of the best methods of building a sense of cooperation; thus it benefits by inspiring employees to organise a company team and support them in the preparation for Ekiden. Such an activity also falls within the policy of employer branding.

In forming teams, companies give their employees a chance to have fun and jointly strive to achieve a goal. The participation in the marathon relay race also proves that an organisation truly supports the activities of its employees in the area of work-life balance, as well as communicating support.

Check the potential of your employees and let them feel the taste of victory
More and more people run – to be healthy and to relax. For eleven years now, since the first marathon relay race in Warsaw, the number of enthusiasts for this form of extraprofessional competition has been increasing. It is a natural way of checking yourself in a field that is not the subject of everyday employee competition. It is driven by pure passion to fulfil the needs of the body and mind.

First of all – be an initiator
As an employer you should appreciate the fact that your employees have their hobbies, can relax, care for their health and attempt to balance their private and professional lives. The chance to support this positive behaviour is there – all you need to do is initiate the formation of a running team in your company. The employees will certainly recognise the initiative. For them it is an opportunity to pursue their passion in a more professional manner.

Secondly – support and engage
If employees form a team themselves, support them and the preparations. It will make them feel that the company not only declares support, but actually engages in the performance of the extraprofessional hobbies of its employees and truly backs up team work, work-life balance and employee initiative.

Thirdly – communicate and recognise
The formation of a company team is a chance to show to the entire company the extraordinary engagement of employees and type of support from the company. Even if the team does not achieve spectacular results, it is worth supporting it publicly and encouraging its efforts.

You are welcome and encouraged to take part in the Accreo Ekiden Marathon Relay Race. It is an excellent way to integrate employees and perform employer branding activities.